Whether you own a Search Engine Optimization tools website, or you are in the SEO business, there is a need to be able to track and report to the customers the Google rankings, for the various specific keywords that the business choose to use in ranking the website, which is an essential part of the services that are provided by the SEO business owners. The first initial steps are to use the manual Google search and eventually shift through the results to find out where a customers' website have been ranked on the Google SERPS. Sometimes you might not be able to do it manually, and this is where the Google API comes into play. If you have access to a tracking API, you are set in ranking data for all the websites using the keywords in your applications and your website, and you will be able to provide your customers with the key performance indicators that they will need to understand how they are doing. The Google serp api will be able to give you the insights that an SEO business owner you need so that you can refine the SEO campaigns for the best results. There is quite a high demand for the accurate and up to date SEO data which is virtually limitless. The SEO agencies need to monitor the effectiveness of their SEO campaigns, the E-commerce sites also need to monitor the position of their products and also be able to position the competitor's products, the connect marketers also need to be able to track the position of their sites. If you are on the internet, you would want to know how you are ranked in Google and also other search engines. The API is a piece of third-party code which the application or website can pass parameters to and again receive data from. An example is the Google rank checking API, which will take the keywords which are entered on the website and then return the Google ranking for the same keywords. There are different APIs that can be using software and websites. There are different types of SEO tracking APIs.


We have the rank tracking API which gives an up-to-date ranking for a particular keyword for a particular given location. We have the SERP API which returns the topmost search engine results for a specific keyword.  The keyword api will give the keywords statistics that you would otherwise have to check manually in the Google Adwords planner.